Turnkey Small Cell

Our approach to Turnkey Small Cell began as much more than a mere pivot from macro tower design. We custom-built workflows and supporting technology— creating a wide array of streamlined solutions that deftly handle any Small Cell project. Equipped with industry-leading experts and technology geared to automate data collection, management, and analysis, we build customized outdoor networks faster and with greater predictability. When it comes to Small Cell, we know the laws and lay of the land in every community we work in — building relationships with municipalities and DOTs the right way. And we’ve staked our claim to the peak performance.

Turnkey Small Cell Capabilities:

  • Site selection (choosing locations that can be built the first time)
  • A&E services tailormade for Small Cell
  • Infrastructure
  • Navigation of various regulatory hoops and hurdles, including legal services, permitting and municipal code compliance
  • Equipment installation, including antennas
  • Testing and optimizing build-outs, as well as closing out documentation
  • Providing real-time feedback for field data collection
  • Upkeep, maintenance, constant monitoring and emergency restoration

Innovation In Action

eSpeed at Work: Turnkey Small Cell

What’s eSpeed?

  • Challenge: Manual field data collection with height sticks and notepads can be cumbersome. Data transcription by pen and pad (and even “copy + paste”) is tedious and time-consuming. These legacy industry tools and processes lead to inaccuracies and lagging turnarounds. 
  • Essentia Solution: Our field teams collect pole data with a digital, handheld device, ushering it into the eSpeed Technology Platform. This key integration lays the groundwork for increased efficiencies down the line, as data can be manipulated through a Site Candidate Information Package (SCIP) generator and an A&E CD generator. 
  • Results: In just the time spent reading this page, Essentia can produce a small cell SCIP and CD, so that carriers can quickly select a candidate and transition to permitting. And that’s just one application of eSpeed for Small Cell. Internal monitoring of sites, storage of all applicable documents from a single repository, and advanced tracking capabilities further elevate our Small Cell builds. 

White Paper: Accelerating Small Cell Deployments 10X with a Purpose-Built Approach

*Note: In North Carolina, all engineering is offered/performed by Essentia Engineering, P.A.