Charged Up to Empower Utilities


At Essentia, we believe that the most dynamic innovations are also the most versatile.

That’s exactly why we’ve taken our eSpeed Technology platform to the electric utility space, where capabilities ranging from drone data collection to automated document generation will transform the way that utilities plan, design, and build infrastructure. 

Our engagements with thought leaders in the utility space have confirmed what we’ve long known to be true in verticals including telecom and cable: the same old tools and processes just aren’t cutting it. In fact, they’re restricting today’s customer satisfaction scores and tomorrow’s growth metrics. By partnering with Essentia — an Inc. 5000 honoree and Financial Times’ Fastest Growing Company in The Americas— utilities gain access to cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking workflows that greatly accelerate deployments while elevating accuracy, reliability, and repeatability.

Whether you’re focused on transmission and distribution, telecom applications, or even generation, Essentia will supercharge your engagements with proven, integrated solutions. It’s the power-up you need to maximize safety, reliability, and resiliency.



• Turnkey services (A&E & Construction) for Telecom & Distribution (Future service of Transmission)

• Site planning Telecom, Distribution & Transmission

• PLT site design & construction

• Telecommunication tower engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC)

• EPC services: site infrastructure, wireless, supervisory control & data acquisition, network transport & fiber

• eSpeed project management platform, data collection & automations

• Design, programming, installation & testing of SCADA RTUs




*Note: In North Carolina, all engineering is offered/performed by Essentia Engineering, P.A.

To put it simply, they have been a pleasure to work with.