Setting the Pace for Telecom with eSpeed

eSpeed Technology Platform

Through eSpeed we can accelerate data collection, management, and analysis to drive efficiencies end to end across Fiber and Small Cell value chains. Whether we’re seamlessly integrating with customer platforms or calling up Google Map details, it’s done with the push of a button.

The output of eSpeed includes a growing number of critical deliverables — A&E drawings, SCIPs, purchase orders, and more — produced faster, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy. The upshot is reaching Real Estate Complete 60 to 90 days faster than others in the industry.

eSpeed defined: A set of different technologies — hardware, software, and tools – wrapped around efficient processes through proprietary programming and workflows.

“The magic of Innovation happens at the intersection of process and technology.”

— Lindon Hayes, Essentia CEO & Founder

[eSpeed] wraps various technologies and best practices around efficient processes, creating unparalleled efficiencies in data integrity, management, and automation— much like Uber, whose novelty lies in creating an efficient method to streamline hailing a cab.

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