Setting the Pace for Telecom with eSpeed

eSpeed Technology Platform

Through eSpeed we can accelerate data collection, automate integrations, and instantly generate deliverables to drive efficiencies across value chains end to end for indoor and outdoor networks. Whether we’re seamlessly integrating with GIS systems or completing permit applications, it’s done with the push of a button. Imagine your working world minus manual transcription errors or engineers frustrated with completing countless tedious tasks.

The output of eSpeed includes a growing number of critical deliverables — from A&E drawings to purchase orders — produced faster, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy than ever before. The upshot, for example, is completing deployments 6 months or more before the competition for fiber projects. Not only is that fast, but it’s a head start that lays the groundwork for even more impactful benefits, from speed to market to revenue acceleration.

Prepare For Your eSPEED Technology Platform Test Drive

eSpeed defined: A set of different technologies — hardware, software, and tools – wrapped around efficient processes through proprietary programming and workflows.

“The magic of Innovation happens at the intersection of process and technology.”

— Lindon Hayes, Essentia CEO & Founder

[eSpeed] wraps various technologies and best practices around efficient processes, creating unparalleled efficiencies in data integrity, management, and automation— much like Uber, whose novelty lies in creating an efficient method to streamline hailing a cab.

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