Moving Essentia Forward

Zack’s role at Essentia is to strengthen our innovative culture. He coaches team members on what is possible using technology, which helps each member enhance their innovative mindset. His capabilities help Essentia push the boundaries of technology in the engineering and site acquisition space. This helps our employees focus on the work that truly matters instead of focusing on manual data entry.

Career Highlights

Zack has worked within the engineering space of telecommunications for nearly 15 years. He worked for over 8 years on OSP engineering completing work for most major telecom companies. He has experience in every aspect of OSP engineering, which allows him to quickly identify the bottle necks within each process and work to fix them with technology. Zack has led teams up to 30 employees — engineering and permitting thousands of miles of infrastructure all over the country.

Prior to working with Essentia, he served as the CAD Lead with American Tower Corporation. This role enabled him to continue sharpening his automation skill within and outside of computer-aided drafting. His contributions accelerated A&E, RF, and structural engineering exponentially, which allowed the company to dramatically reduce the amount of external services required.

Connecting Everyone, Everywhere to a Better Way of Life

Zack’s drive extends well beyond the workplace. When COVID-19 hit, each morning he turned on his 3D printer and began churning out “Ear Savers,” which protect frontline workers and anyone wearing masks these days from sores and bleeding caused by their elastic bands. Now, his Ear Savers can be found in hospitals in Raleigh, NYC & beyond.