Moving Essentia Forward

As A&E Manager, Spencer provides clients with deliverables with a hyper-focus on speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Spencer works hard to grow our products in Small Cell and other markets.

Career Highlights

Before coming to Essentia, Spencer worked at CLS Group — first as a Project Engineer performing tower analysis and then helping to launch and eventually lead the A&E Department. Prior to that, Spencer worked as a Field Engineer at FDH and at the Department of Defense as a Structural Engineer in their submarine unit.

Connecting Everyone, Everywhere to a Better Way of Life

Spencer has found his altruistic calling at the intersection of athletics and nonprofits. This includes participation in a golf and fantasy football leagues that raise money for various charitable causes. He also donates his time to volunteer coaching in youth sports leagues.

Most Embarrassing Professional Moment

Showing up on his first day at FDH as a Field Engineer and not knowing/realizing that climbing telecommunication towers was part of the job requirement until we were standing in front of the climbing test. He quickly learned to embrace the challenge and heights.

Fun Fact

Spencer worked work part time at Pinehurst #2 Golf Course, which is home to previous and future U.S. Open Golf Championships.