Moving Essentia Forward

Paul focuses on transforming the way Small Cell Site Acquisition and Engineering is done. He is passionate about leading Essentia to new territory with groundbreaking engineering speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Career Highlights

After graduating from NC State, Paul joined the FDH Engineering as a Field Engineer, completing above and below grade structural mappings and inspections on mainly macro cell towers. After a couple years, he traded in his harness and helmet for a desk managing field crews and high volumes of clients and project counts.

He would later take a job with CLS Group as a Project Engineer in their A&E division, creating Construction Drawings and Structural Analysis for Carrier Upgrade Projects. As Small Cell emerged within the industry, Paul made the transition over, with a number of Carriers leveraging his experience to manage their Small Cell projects.

Connecting Everyone, Everywhere to a Better Way of Life

When not accelerating the growth of 5G at Essentia, Paul is an assistant basketball coach at a local high school. He believes in building the community by working with youth and serving as a positive role model.

Most Embarrassing Professional Moment

Paul’s mom was terrified the first time he set out to climb a cell tower. So, he had the “great” idea to call her when he got to the top, just to have a little fun. After placing the phone in his tool pack, he made the climb, reaching the top more exhausted than he imaged. And when he reached into his pack while planning what he would say to his mom, he pulled out a tape measure, a camera, a pair of calipers, anything you could think of……except for the phone. It was shattered on the ground about 30 ft. from the tower base. Karma.