Moving Essentia Forward

A 30-year industry veteran, Mike’s experience includes managing projects of up to $140 million in value in more than 30 states, as well as managing 500-plus employees. He is responsible for driving profitable growth and enabling operational excellence.

Mike joined Essentia in August of 2015 and began running the construction and field operations almost immediately. Since then, he’s become the interface between construction, engineering , accounting, and customer care. Mike’s primary role is in setting the culture of quality production, ensuring exceptional customer service, and bringing projects in ahead of schedule and within budget. Also, he holds Essentia’s State Contractor licenses in Florida and Georgia.

Career Highlights

Prior to Essentia, Mike worked for Utilipath as Vice President of Operations. In this role, Mike was responsible for managing high profile contracts for several customers in the South East region as well as bid operations for the company nationwide. Before serving as Vice President of Operations, Mike held the position of General Manager in the New Orleans area managing an AT&T master contract valued at $12 million

Mike has worked in the construction field in almost every capacity starting in 1985, working his way up from a laborer to own a construction business. From 1996 to 2002, Mike worked for First South Utility, where he was in charge of many multi-million dollar projects, including international fiber for AT&T, crossing New York vis NYSTA for MFS, many MCI projects, and others.

Most Embarrassing Professional Moment

Removed ½ a mile of cable on the wrong side of the road.