Moving Essentia Forward

Jenny oversees Essentia’s financial operations at the Essentia Holdings level. Her role includes monitoring financial health, managing budgets, and providing strategic insights to maintain Essentia’s financial stability and success.

Career Highlights

Since entering the workforce in 2004, Jenny has garnered valuable experience across diverse corporate settings, ranging from enterprise organizations including CSX, Coca-Cola, and BellSouth to smaller and mid-sized companies such as Domain Capital Group and American Credit Acceptance. Each of these experiences provided unique opportunities with Jenny particularly drawn to smaller, burgeoning enterprises where she can make a significant impact.

Jenny thrives in her collaboration with Essentia colleagues, where a shared vision drives collective efforts toward current and future aspirations. Additionally, she successfully led a $1.5-billion project at American Credit Acceptance, implementing the new accounting guidance CECL. This substantial undertaking proved both thrilling and humbling, with the rewarding payoff validating the effort.

Connecting Everyone, Everywhere to a Better Way of Life

Jenny enjoys volunteering with community organizations, such as working at a soup kitchen, supporting refugee resettlement through a nonprofit organization, and participating in evangelical outreach activities through her church.