Moving Essentia Forward

At Essentia, Allan leads the Enterprise Division with a focus on growth and advancement.

He oversees business development, managing the design, estimates and generation of proposals. Allan also plays a vital role in client management; cultivating strong relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction. His dynamic leadership contributes to day-to-day operations, in addition to, the long-term vision for Essentia’s sustainable advancement.

Career Highlights

Allan ventured into the construction industry at the age of 13 after his father introduced him to his first construction site.

After witnessing the transformation of disparate materials into functional buildings, spaces, and systems he felt drawn to engulf himself into the industry, resulting in a lasting passion and life-long career.

Throughout his profession, Allan has held diverse roles, commencing as a carpenter and then evolving to a steel erector. Over time he accumulated extensive experience in construction project management and is skilled at working directly with regional developers in challenging projects. Allan also has expertise under his belt in the IT-related construction sector, where he excelled in sales and business development. His journey reached a pinnacle when he founded and successfully sold a company specializing in structured cabling, physical security, and audio-visual systems for commercial clients.

Armed with an MBA from Regent University, Allan brings a strategic edge to his endeavors. Following a brief consulting stint, he embraced a new challenge at Essentia, where his amalgamation of experience and education contributes significantly to the construction division on the firm.

Connecting Everyone, Everywhere to a Better Way of Life

Allan has formed a deep connecting with the Durham Exchange Club— a civic group dedicated to preventing child abuse through family services. Via this organization, he actively contributes to community efforts in promoting family well-being and protecting children.