Adolfo believes having good reasoning is the most important skill when it comes to exceling in a consulting role; as it allows for diverse expertise and insights to come together.

“This results in comprehensive and innovative solutions that address complex challenges and deliver value to clients,” said Adolfo, who also directs strategic initiatives, navigates telecom trends, and fosters client relationships as part of his role as VP of Telecom Consulting.

Moving Essentia Forward

Adolfo’s multifaceted approach ensures Essentia’s success and competitiveness in the dynamic telecommunications landscape. He identifies business opportunities, cultivates innovation, and oversees the development of a high-performance consulting team.

Career Highlights (Career Highlights/Education/Awards/Accolades)

Previously to his role at Essentia, Adolfo held key positions in the telecommunications industry including Director of Telecom Consulting PMO at Tilson and Director of OSP Construction at KGPCo.

His extensive background encompasses roles such as Senior Operations Manager at Frontier Communications and Technical Service Manager at Verizon Business. Adolfo’s earlier responsibilities include serving as a Construction Supervisor and Specialist at Verizon. Alongside his professional achievements, Adolfo holds a BA from Virginia Wesleyan College and an MBA from The University of Charleston. Throughout his career, he has consistently exhibited excellence in navigating industry challenges, building collaborative relationships, and driving successful outcomes.

Connecting Everyone, Everywhere to a Better Way of Life

Adolfo has coached the Great Teays Soccer Club, which is a grassroots recreational youth organization.