Cable MSO Services

Are you attempting to modernize your OSP or ISP network infrastructure with legacy technologies? Are rampant inefficiencies creating a static customer experience? 

There’s a better way.

Essentia has been supporting the Cable industry for decades, helping MSOs modernize their network infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the market, from building stadium head-ends, to enabling video distribution, and optimizing Internet connectivity.

Today we’ve sharpened our focus on Cable MSOs while utilizing our trademark approach of rethinking status quo tools and workflows. Imagine this: First-of-its-kind underground fiber engineering powered by drones. Now that’s remote control.

At Essentia, we believe that innovation should make more than a cameo during your next network deployment; it should be the star. 

Cable MSO Capabilities

Outside Plant Services:

  • eSpeed aerial and underground plant engineering
  • Fiber construction
  • Node splits
  • Project Management
  • Construction coordination
  • Fiber splicing
  • Wireless engineering & implementation

Inside Plant Services:

  • Structured cabling including cable installation, infrastructure support, RF combining & optical distribution 
  • Essentia in-house deployment teams with years of cable industry experience 
  • Staff augmentation (Technicians & Engineers) 
  • Deployment of services to support: 
    • Node Segmentation — Mid-/High-Split Upgrades
    • DOCSIS CMTS installation 
    • Distributed Access Architecture
    • Advanced & legacy video 
    • Capacity & bandwidth management 
    • Performance optimization, troubleshooting & certification
    • AC/DC facility powering

*Note: In North Carolina, all engineering is offered/performed by Essentia Engineering, P.A.