Turnkey Small Cell Solutions

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Your customer demand. Your network in the balance. Your big idea.

Small Cell Solutions (SCS) are the future of wireless connectivity in cities, schools, stadiums and other critical areas often hampered by coverage and capacity issues. But at Essentia, that future is today. We were among the first to create a wide array of solutions that fit together to handle any SCS project. By deploying small cell nodes and dark fiber in tandem, we’re able to build customized outdoor networks faster and with more predictability so that your clients can focus on other critical matters.

We’re unleashing new possibilities within your network, working with mobile carriers to evolve these traditional gaps into seamless connections by deploying best-in-class SCS. This is the heart of Essentia’s capabilities — our sweet spot and core competency. And here is how we’re making it happen, faster and more efficiently than other solution providers:

Why Essentia?

  • A turnkey approach: Essentia has the experience and the comprehensive capabilities to design, permit, build, own and manage SCS. We do it all. And we do it quickly. More +
  • The right experience and expertise: When it comes to outdoor SCS, we’ve been there and done that. We’ve successful completed projects in more than 40 states and placed over 40 million feet in the public rights-of-way.
  • The right relationships: We possess close strategic relationships with the pole owners, permitting authorities, department of transportation officials, and the local lobbyists who work with key local government officials, such as mayors and city council members.
  • The great outdoors: We have you covered, whether you’re looking to take advantage of utility poles or street lights to deliver targeted network reliability across dense urban areas and campuses.
  • A growing network: While we’ve been building robust carrier networks, we’ve also been expanding our own network by connecting with the right people in the right places to expedite projects and meet budgets. It’s an entrepreneurial approach that has enabled us to execute in a big way without getting in our own way.

Some providers are just recognizing the possibilities of SCS. We’re way ahead of the curve at Essentia. Discover how you can reach your clients like never before with innovative SCS, and together, we’ll develop a clear vision for your network of tomorrow, today.

“…the company has excelled at building the trust, speed, and expertise for being the go-to entity for full-fledged small cell and fiber installations.”
– Telecom Tech Outlook