Stadium Solutions


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Your packed venue. Your hungry fans. Your game changer.

We’re headed for overtime. Or an encore performance. That apex of engagement when the crowd isn’t content to simply watch the team or performers. They also want to elevate the experience by connecting to their fellow fans and the outside world through the technology in their hands and surrounding them.

Now your venue’s operations are in the spotlight, from network speed and security systems to advanced video displays and other innovation. Because until the final beat or the clock hits zero, anything is possible — as long as you’re geared up for just this moment.

Essentia’s capabilities bridge design, installation and game day support. We work with major integrators, and direct to sports and entertainment venues to offer the following:

  • Advanced video networks: Make every seat in the house the best seat in the house.
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) & WiFi: Today’s game day experience lives beyond the stage, field and court. Win fans for life by optimizing connectivity.
  • Game day support: From systems operation to maintenance and troubleshooting, we have the right people and the winning playbook.
  • Software solutions: It’s not just about how everything works, but how it works together. We’ll enable software integration to get your systems working in concert with one another.

Essentia is the conductor that beautifully orchestrates connected technology solutions across sports and entertainment venues. We’re the coach that X’s and O’s the union of innovation, communications, operations and the overall fan experience. Plus, we have the forward-thinking consultants, leading technologies and quality-focused project delivery methodologies to make it all happen.

Your fans want to feel like they’re on stage and on the field, not stuck in their seats. At Essentia, we show you how it’s possible. And then we take them there.

“To put it simply, they have been a pleasure to work with.”
– VP of Fortune 500 CATV