Emergency Restoration Solutions

Your downtime. Your customers in crisis. Your disaster averted.

In telcom, disasters are part of everyday life. And we understand that the moment one strikes your customers, you’re on the clock to provide emergency restoration services. But unless you already have an emergency response plan and a partner with the needed experience and infrastructure to help you execute it, you’re about to face another disaster.

At Essentia, we’ve built our expanding team and expansive network with an eye on supporting your emergency restoration efforts at a moment’s notice We know what it’s like to be working in flooded streets with limited provisions, dodging debris and thwarting ever-growing challenges while maintaining a high degree of safety. It’s not a job for everyone, but it’s one we’re proud to take on.

Here is what Essentia brings to the frontlines of disasters and emergencies to help you and your customers return to normalcy:


Turnkey Emergency Restoration Services:

As turnkey maintenance contractors, we’ve developed full-scale capabilities to deliver swift and sweeping restorations during whatever your emergency may be. Specifically, this includes:

  • Damage location, assessment, inspection & documentation
  • Remediation & engineering
  • Construction, repair & splicing


Experience You Can Count On:

We were there in New Orleans leading AT&T’s emergency restoration efforts when Hurricane Katrina pummeled New Orleans. And we were back again with boots on the ground for Gustav and Ike. When the seven major U.S. telcos look for a proven, reliable emergency restoration partner, they look to Essentia. And we’ll be there ready, 24x7x365.


A Network in Waiting:

No matter your market, we have the personnel, infrastructure and equipment on the ground prepared to mobilize for your disaster response. There is no waiting period or shuffling of resources from across the country. We also have expert knowledge of local, state and national regulations governing how we can operate in disaster scenarios — and we can optimize our operation for any scenario.

These trying times are the ones during which your customers truly take notice of the urgency and resources you have to take on crippling downtime. With Essentia by your side, you’re not only working to restore your network, but also a sense of normalcy to your customers’ lives.

Emergency Restoration in Action:

When Hurricanes Gustav and Ike delivered a tandem blow to New Orleans, Essentia was on the scene as the turf master contractor placing 1,000 poles in fewer than 90 days.